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Choose An Album Style & Invest in Quality

We love working with suppliers who match our own high standards and are delighted to work with Folio Albums to offer  exceptional albums to invest in for your wedding photos.

The story of your wedding deserves to be told. It should be carefully crafted into an album that can not only be enjoyed today, but also by future generations. Even with the advent of online social networks and digital storage, a book is still the original and best way to capture and share special moments in time.

There is a choice between two styles of fine art albums: the Fine Art Book and the Matted Album. Both are handmade using the same high quality materials, with the key difference being the thickness of the page and presentation of the images. The Fine Art Book is presented with your images printed directly on the page with an almost invisible crease and ability to bleed images off the page. It is a great option for modern, flexible album design and we love it. The Matted album is constructed with a cut to reveal your image underneath using thicker, heavier pages. A classic style that has been given a contemporary finish.

Whichever type you choose you can rest assured you are receiving an exceptional album with a full range of cover materials and options to tailor your album to match your style.

Fine Art Album - Flexible Style

A timeless format that is made for sharing. Fine Art albums open flat with full double-page edge-to-edge panoramic printing.

Choose between a range of size, cover & paper finishes that truly make every album stand out. Starting from 30 pages and running up to 100 pages, this album offers outstanding quality & flexibility.

Prices start at £400 for a 20 page album for a 10 X 10 album or £450 for a 12 X 12.

Smaller copies of the main album are available for parents.

Matted Album - High Impact & Traditional

Delivering high on impact and giving a solid feel,  Matted Album elevate the traditional album form to a new level with a mix of full flush mounted edge-to-edge pages of a digital album, with traditional bevel-cut apertures and the matt finish that stands out on quality. 

Hand-bound and using the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks.

The album comes in four sizes and as with all our albums a full range of covers. The product is hand-bound with a solid black core in each of the luxury pages.

Prices start at £450 for a 20 page album.

Smaller copies of the main album are available for parents.

      That's My Bag!    

Why not upgrade from the standard cotton bag the album arrives in to something to match your personality!    

       Colour & Style    

A full range of leather, cotton & silk covers are available to personalise your investment.    

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