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Behind the Scenes - Venue Reconnaissance at Le Petit Chateau

People often have the misconception that Wedding photographers have an easy life. They turn up at a wedding, spend a few hours taking photos and then the rest of their life is one easy ride, hanging out drinking coffee and watching box sets on Netflix a whole series at a time. Unfortunately, for most wedding photographers this is not the reality, and certainly not for us!

Each of our Wedding Photography Adventures has 3 distinct and equally important phases. The first is the planning and preparation before we even think about picking up a camera, the second is the Wedding day itself, and the final stage is the individually hand edited images to be delivered to you.  

This first blog in the series providing an overview of the process looks at the venue recce, for our recent wedding at Le Petit Chateau, a stunningly beautiful new wedding venue in Otterburn, Northumberland, to help illustrate the importance of this part in the planning stage.

Plan A is glorious sunshine, so it is only fitting that we start the wedding photography planning in the grounds of the venue to determine where those all important Bride & Groom shots will happen and the larger group photos if required. We are looking for colour, textures and light to suit the mood of the images to be created.

We are also looking for locations for different times of the day to ensure that we can avoid strong sunlight at midday (no one likes to squint on their wedding photos) and capture that golden glow as the sun begins to set. At Le Petit Chateau, there is a whispy grassland meadow, perfect for those hazy evening shots to match the pastel wild flowers with the soft light.

There is a variety of outdoor settings at Le Petit Chateau to provide different backdrops to the images. Think colourful borders, meandering paths, enchanting fountains and water features - it really is a wedding photographers paradise.

We also need to recce the inside of the venue, especially if you are holding the ceremony in the same location. This review takes in a walk around of the more common rooms to be used for the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception as you would expect, but also a top to bottom exploration down corridors and upstairs to truly discover those unusual locations for potential photography.

We are looking for architectural features, furniture, mirrors, lights & moods to show off your venue as an integral part of your portfolio of images. No location is off limits - toilets, bathrooms, staff rat runs (unless we get chased out of these) and our personal favourite - riding every elevator (which in themselves have potential!)

This ties in with Plan B (if it rains which it wont…right? Well let us make a plan just incase so you don’t need to worry!)  

You really cannot beat getting boots on the ground and armed with a trusty iPhone, snap away at potential image ideas that we can then share with our couples as part of the final planning stages for the Wedding itself. The images in this blog are the actual ones we have taken!

This means that before the sun rises on the wedding day we have some clear, planned image circuits that are worked into your timing schedule for the day to maximise the time we have with you and to ensure that we deliver to you some exceptional images.

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